Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

The following privacy policy and terms of use apply to all mobile applications published by Hidefun on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. By installing these applications on your mobile device, you are deemed to have accepted the privacy policy and terms of use stated in this document. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not install these applications on your mobile device.

Phone Usage Permissions: It is necessary for users to grant the permissions required for the shortcut search function in our application. This permission is used only for shortcut searches of registered customers in the application, and personal data of customers is stored in encrypted form in your own dedicated databases.

Internet Usage Permissions: This permission is required for the encrypted transmission of data from our application to the servers. Users need to grant this permission. The internet access permission is not used to transfer any information from your device without your consent. It is used solely for the transfer of data and photos related to the forms you fill out within the application.

Our applications do not collect any personal information from you nor request any such information from you.

Hidefun will always take necessary care and diligence to publish high-quality and useful applications. However, we do not make any guarantees that the content in our applications will meet your expectations, be useful to you, or contain accurate information. We present the applications as they are. Therefore, you agree that Hidefun cannot be held responsible for any negative experiences or issues arising from the use of our applications.

Hidefun makes efforts to take all necessary precautions for the security of these applications and fulfills its obligations under the Google Play Developer Program Policies agreement. Hidefun commits to exercising the necessary care and effort regarding security and privacy, but it is not responsible for the consequences arising from the insecurity of the internet environment.

Our applications are only available on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Hidefun cannot be held responsible for any installations or downloads of these applications from other Android or iOS app stores without our knowledge.

Advertisements and links from third parties may be present in our applications. You agree that Hidefun cannot be held responsible for the nature, content, security, or any damages that may arise from these third-party advertisements and links. You can learn how to adjust your settings for ads published by Google from the ad settings page.

In-app purchases are not directly managed by Hidefun and are subject to the payment systems of the platforms where the applications are downloaded. The responsibility for these transactions lies solely with the user.

All copyrights for the audio, visual, and written content, as well as software, contained in our applications belong to Hidefun.

Last Update 09.07.2023